Pastry Giftbox V3


A box of pastries consisting of our favourite treats:

2 Tarts: 

Ispahan – Cocoa almond shortcrust pastry, raspberry jelly, lychee bits, Valrhona Ivoire lychee mousse, Valrhona Ivoire raspberry ganache, rose cream
Dulcey Cognac – Almond shortcrust pastry, gianduja crunch, Valrhona Blonde Dulcey(caramelised white chocolate) ganache, Rémy Martin Cognac caramel

2 Choux puffs

Gianduja – Crispy craquelin, choux pastry, hazelnut milk chocolate crémeux
Earl Grey Chocolate – Crispy craquelin, choux pastry, earl grey dark chocolate crémeux

2 Tiramisu Cups – Made using CraftTeaFox’s tea powders

Matchamisu – Matcha syrup soaked savoiardi biscuits, matcha mascarpone, matcha powder

Hojichamisu – Hojicha syrup soaked savoiardi biscuits, hojicha mascarpone, hojicha powder

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Collection Hours

Collection for the pastry giftbox will be between 5.30pm-7pm